Grit Labs | Burlington, ON

GRITLABS originated from humble beginnings at a car park in Dubai. It was August 2013, and the GRITLABS team set out to help change as many lives as possible through the basics of nutrition and exercise. With only five hotel employees attending the first few sessions, GRITLABS quickly gained traction. Soon, 15-20 individuals were participating in the two morning sessions each week. By 2015, GRITLABS had 35+ participants per session with three sessions per week.

After five years, the car park circuit training had impacted multiple lives, driving various individuals to become more active, alter their perspective on food, and increase their self-worth. For our team, it was motivating to see their change reflected in their image, the level of their confidence, and their overall happiness. Today, GRITLABS is thrilled to bring this exact concept and high energy to Canada with the opening of its first Canadian GRITLABS studio.


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