Capi’s Pizza | Etobicoke, ON

Since 1962 Capi’s pizzas has been feeding the families of Etobicoke. Now we are taking it back to the roots, way back to Italy. A passion for food and family, that’s what started Capi’s and that’s where we circle back to today.

We have plenty of parking in the front and also a huge parking lot in the back. Entrance to the rear parking is on the east side and it’s free. We recommend ordering in person, it doesn’t take long at all, about 5-10 minutes for a fresh baked pizza.

Our take-out containers are mostly made of recyclable materials, like the paper straws, because it’s just the right thing to do. We try to use gmo-free, organic and/or locally sourced products whenever possible, as long as it doesn’t raise the price for our customers. Feel free to ask more about our ingredients.

The dough is made with health in mind and that’s why it looks like gold. Essentially, we incorporate elements of the entire grain of wheat, retaining more fibre and through a slow fermentation process it results in a lower glycemic index. We also use great olive oil, sea salts, etc etc.. Im not giving away my recipe!

Is it authentic Neapolitan pizza? There is no such thing as just like there is no such thing as a single authentic pasta. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. It’s a marketing scam invented in the 80’s so that an organization could monopolize the idea of pizza, essentially trying to put a copyright on flat bread with stuff on it. In Italy. Go figure! The only thing that may be true in their tale is the Margherita name given to a tomato and cheese pizza. And don’t get me started about mozzarella LOL. Next time… What makes pizza authentic Italian is the passion for food, family and natures imperfect balance. Quality and quantity. Function and form. Reason and accountability.

Pizza is the worlds favourite food.


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